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Fudge Fudge! Who doesn't like it?

Hi Folks,

I have had a busy September... it started with a logo design for the business-savvy and uber-awesome designer; Angie Millar.

Angie has just launched...

As the name suggests it is something you should definitely sink your teeth into.
YUM! Sweet & Irrisitable..

From Angie

“Complete your baby’s nursery, or child’s room, with a hip + gorgeous custom made name. This is a fun and educational way for children to learn their name and our unique retro font together with a choice of colours will look fabulous in any room, on doors or walls! They also make a classic, stylish and unique present for new arrivals, birthdays and Christmas.”

These are not your run-of-the-mill cheap lettering. They are made from 16mm MDF and are sprayed using non toxic paint. So don't be fooled by cheaper and thinner immitations...
go to the best!

Thanks Angie! You are a pleasure to work for... I cannot wait to see your business flourish!

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Nyk xx

I Guess I better start at the beginning!

This is me! I had a fun time whilst having a "vanity moment" today
taking a portrait of myself for my various social networking profiles. It's
nice now-a-days for people to a see a face so that they can perhaps relate to you
and get to know you. I am real!! A mum of two wee ratbags and happily
working away at home three days a week....

My journey into the world of graphic design is a long and slightly non-conventional one.
The largest part of my career has been working in television
as a graphic artist and motion graphics designer. It has only been the
last two years that I have been doing design for print. The disciplines
have been very different. Moving from designing for screen to the printed
image has been a fun challenge. I loved seeing stuff on a monitor, but I
must say I get more of a kick now from seeing a beautifully printed
design piece.

Here, on my blog I will post things I find around the web of interest as well as keeping
you up to date with what I am doing for my awesome clients. This year I have worked
mostly for Mumpreneurs and I am thoroughly enjoying the interactions!

See you around I hope!

Nyk Noo :)


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