I Guess I better start at the beginning!

This is me! I had a fun time whilst having a "vanity moment" today
taking a portrait of myself for my various social networking profiles. It's
nice now-a-days for people to a see a face so that they can perhaps relate to you
and get to know you. I am real!! A mum of two wee ratbags and happily
working away at home three days a week....

My journey into the world of graphic design is a long and slightly non-conventional one.
The largest part of my career has been working in television
as a graphic artist and motion graphics designer. It has only been the
last two years that I have been doing design for print. The disciplines
have been very different. Moving from designing for screen to the printed
image has been a fun challenge. I loved seeing stuff on a monitor, but I
must say I get more of a kick now from seeing a beautifully printed
design piece.

Here, on my blog I will post things I find around the web of interest as well as keeping
you up to date with what I am doing for my awesome clients. This year I have worked
mostly for Mumpreneurs and I am thoroughly enjoying the interactions!

See you around I hope!

Nyk Noo :)


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